Brian Wilson...nuff said.

Watch this. Thank me later.


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Fatima on

Christmas is just for kids! :0) Can’t wait to see what goodies you’ve been hdoraing for me … shall begin stalking my postie next week … poor postie, perhaps I should warn him?! NAH! Surprises are good for him! Tee! Hee! Hee! Your parcel is just about ready to hit the mail too … counting doan! :0) Really chuffed that we got each other in the swap! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

Pharme324 on
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Pharme908 on
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Ilnar on

I don’t celebrate’ Christmas. I am Muslim. But as a Malaysian, we do so love ceetbraling public holidays. It’s Christmas eve over here and I just got back from a very fun karaoke session with the girls.My best friend has booked me for breakfast in a few hours’ time (I hope I can wake up) and the rest of the day will be spent by getting myself a much needed haircut, and if time permits I’ll go to the gym (yeah, I am addicted to the gym. But at least it’s a good kind of addiction, right?)

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