BEARDGANG Song by @ThatFilthyRich @FamousBarsxRaps @BigChetti @MrPeteSake

 Here at Beardgang we support those that support us. To kick off No Shave November Filthy Rich and his bearded team recorded a song appropriately titled "Beard Gang". Here is a link to the song and their Twitters:





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Rina on

Thinking of u hun & these days just like Xmas, birthdays etc. will alyaws remind u about your father. It\‘s good to keep all those memories alive but u have to know that as much as it hurts the people that come in & out of our lives make us what we are today. In the short time I\’ve known u I\‘ve watched you grow in confidence & achieved a lot of great things that your father would be proud of. You\’ll alyaws have great memories but as u and Kris begin your lives together u will create new memories with him, his family & maybe one day your own kids. My own death scares the hell out of me only b/c I don\‘t know how my kids will handle it but I am rest assured that with time they will as the world will keep spinning even if I\’m not in it. All u can do is live, love and hope like there is no tomorrow. Is that the meaning of life? Who knows? It\’s a different journey for everyone. @iamtheadman

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